Bulk Trash Pick-Up

published: January 24th, 2024 by in

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05/18/2024 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

TRASH REMOVAL: HBS asks that you place your trash cart, bags and/or cans and any small bulk items (no appliances – pick up is limited to something one person can pick up on their own) on the curb the night before or prior to 7:00 am on Saturday, May 18th.

HBS asks that all trash be bagged and tied inside trash containers to eliminate blowing and animal access. HBS will start picking up curbside at 7:00 am so please have all items out early to avoid being missed. If your items are out on time and for some other reason they are missed contact HBS directly at https://hbstrash.com/customer-service-request/ you must contact them online – these contact requests will be routed directly to the trucks. HBS customer service office will be closed, so calling will not provide service.

HBS will not be making additional trips to do bulk pick-ups. YARD WASTE: Grass clippings and leaves must be bagged, weighing less than 40 pounds per bag. Tree limbs must be cut into 3-foot sections, each branch can be no larger than 4 inches in diameter, and must be bundled and weigh less than 40 pounds per bundle.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: HBS will not remove: Tires, rocks, concrete, carpet, drywall, lumber, dirt, sod, tree stumps, paint, motor oil, items containing Freon (Freezers, A/C’s, etc.), E-Waste (computers, printers, TV’s, etc.), fencing, other construction or remodeling debris, combustibles or toxic wastes, any large items, any furniture.

For construction debris please call HBS customer service to schedule a construction Roll Off container. If an item can’t be taken it will be tagged. If you have any questions about the bulk pick up, please feel free to call HBS at 720-547-8600 prior to the scheduled day.

Thank you for your cooperation.